Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Face Shop Haul

Hi lovelies! So I visited The Face Shop for the first time today, I enjoyed it so much and looking forward to buy more beauty products from there. They also give you a generous amount of samples with your purchase! The sales associate was super helpful and not too pushy at all. She helped me find exactly what I needed. They also have a free points membership that can save you $!

Warning: picture heavy

I have so much samples and products to review now! Please stay posted :)


I purchased these three from The Face Shop, Lovely me ex cushion blusher, Green tea cleansing foam, & White mud nose pack, the rest were samples!

I could not resist this blusher, the packaging is too adorable! In the case it looks like more or a hot coral pink color but when swatched it looks more baby pink. I'll have to try it on and show you girls how it looks on my face, I think that would be better. It was $11, not too bad for a blush.

The Green tea cleansing foam with phyto powder ($16.00) was what the sales associate recommended for me. I told her I needed a daily face wash to use after I take my make-up off with a make-up remover wipe to make sure the make-up is all off. She said this is a mild foam cleanser that specifically takes off make-up residue and cleanses skin impurities that is safe for everyday use. So it was exactly what I was looking for and the green tea smells really good! I chose this white mud nose pack ($7.00) for taking out black heads from my nose, you wash your face with warm water and then apply a thick coat on your nose, wait for 10-15 min. Then you can peel it off and finish with a toner. She said this was very popular, so can't wait to try. I have some stubborn spots on my nose that a nose strip can never reach or get out. This is way better than the pore strips!

I'm really excited about this sample! The White tree snow, is one of their best products but also most expensive. It comes with a clarifying booster toner and a hydra advance emulsion. This will help brighten and smooth your skin, helps clarify, fades dark spots. I need a new toner, so we'll see how this works out.

I'm also excited about this sample! It is a cleansing oil to take off make-up that brightens dark spots at the same time. It's killing two birds with one stone. I never used a cleansing oil to take off my make-up, I usually use make-up wipes because they are more convenient but she said this is more effective so hopefully it is. I have old acne spots so this will also help while removing make-up.

This is a tea tree oil mild toner and lotion that is quick and effective for skin problems. Also looking forward to this since I break out when I am stressed and I'm still in school right now so I am always stressed! Never ending studying, work, and hw...oh the college life. We'll see if this helps with break outs and clearing skin. Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for acne.

The power perfection BB cream is another best selling product from their store, it helps with dryness, whitens, has spf 37 which is great, also has perfect coverage without being too thick on the skin. Sounds good, we shall see. The magic cover BB cream is a full coverage BB cream, it can hide blemishes, dark spots, fine lines. It has anti aging functions, spf 20, while giving a natural look. I don't think this would be for me since I do not care for anti aging properties and it only has spf of 20. I also do not have wrinkles.

 Water proof BB cream is made to replenish moisture from within and protects against UV rays spf 50, while being sweat and oil resistant. That seems like a great product since BB cream cannot usually last very long so we'll see how that works out. Seems like it would protect your skin very well with the spf. The essence BB cream is good for sensitive skin, it is long lasting and provides a silky smooth texture. This doesn't have spf so I'm not really interested but I will still try it.

Also got two things from Ulta. Psssssst! Dry shampoo, heard about this on youtube and a Rimmel lipstick in paradise. I really love the batiste dry shampoo, best I ever tried so I wanted to try this since its cheaper and see if it works just as well. 

This color caught my eye because it seemed like a good Fall color that I can wear everyday. I really like it because its gives the perfect color for my lips. Just make sure with Rimmel lipsticks to wear lip balm before because they tend to be dry when wearing.

Happy Sunday! Xo, Denise

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall gear!

These are my favorite past Fall gear...

One of my top fave fall outfits! Super comfy and warm. I feel free in dresses. I paired this ruffle neckline teal dress (Forever21) with floral see through stockings (Forever21) and a soft black cloth blazer (H&M) with brown riding boots (Aldo). Lastly with my Damier Speedy 30 (Louis Vuitton). 

I think this hello kitty hat is so cute & silly during Fall and Winter time! My bf bought this for me at a fair.

Knee high stockings look sexy and stylish with skirts! A great option if you want to wear skirts during this season. This is a lace knee high (Guess) with a floral/skull knit skirt (H&M) and grey long sleeves (Forever21). 

I also wanted to share my halloween costumes since this year I will not be dressing up or doing anything, I will be busy with school :(

This was my halloween costume two years ago! I was pocahantas/indian girl. I made the turquoise necklace.

Here is a better picture of it but wish you can see the back! It has a very wide open back and was wearing fringe brown boots with it. 

This was me and my boyfriend's costume last year, minnie and mickey mouse! I love disneyland, ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with minnie and princess jasmine <3

We got the ears for very cheap at party city! They are actually kids sizes $5, compared to disney store or disney land. Also my skirt is from target and its kids size too! lol, I'm so glad I'm petite so I can wear some of their stuff. It was only $8 :) My bf made his shirt with this iron on circles he cut out also from target.

Until next time! Xo Denise

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New toys to play with!

Today I was able to stop by Sune, a Asian cosmetic beauty store that also has a salon! I was recommended to go here by one of you!, thanks so much for the advice :) So I visited this store since I realized it was near my school, I had a one and a half hour break from my classes so it was good timing. I go to school in the city, University of San Francisco so this store was a great find! I can come by here often, so glad its close to my school. I've been super busy this week as always, I'm in the nursing program and have clinical at Kaiser on Wednesdays. So I usually can not blog, comment or check out blogs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays since I have classes all day as well. Just a heads up! But I am try to blog more than once a week & been doing pretty good. Anyways, I really wanted to share my goodies because I'm so in love with one of them!

Cute pink paper bag for your purchases :)

I got three sheet masks by the brand Pure Source, they were $2.50 each! Get 10 for $20. I only wanted to try a few first to see how well they work. The first one is a Tea tree mask and its for helping and clearing acne, 2nd is Lemon to control sebum (oil), clean and minimize pores, and the last one is Ricebran & Arbutin a whitening mask for acne scars or hyper pigmentation. I have combination skin and have a few problem areas that have acne marks so hopefully these will do wonders. I will make a review on them, once I get to try them out!

This is the product I'm so in love with!! The Lioele blooming lip gloss in red cherry. The first time I heard about this product was by HeadtoToe a very popular beauty guru on Youtube. She has a video with this as one of her favorites and shes even wearing it in the video. I loved how it looked on her so I had to try it! I'm so glad they had it and it was only $12, I think thats a good price since Asian cosmetics can be expensive. 

I love the texture so much!!! I'm not usually fond of lip glosses because I hate how sticky they can be and they usually look clear on me when I wear it. I like at least a bit of color on my lips. This is not sticky at ALL nor does it feel heavy. It make my lips feel so soft and smooth when I wear it. I didn't even have to wear lip balm before I used it.

 It gives my lips a natural pretty red pinkish color, it didn't go clear on me! So glad with this purchase and it smells heavenly like succulent fruits!

The sales associate also gave me 4 free samples. A Lioele foundation/bb cream primer, a face cleanser, and two different BB creams to try. I was also really surprised how helpful the sales associate was, she was the one who helped me choose the face masks and when I was looking for the Lioele lip gloss, she knew exactly what I was talking about!

I can't wait to go back to this store and buy and discover new products, they had a great variety which consisted of face creams/washes, all kind of Asian make up brands like Missha, Holika holika, Lioele, Dolly wink false eye lashes, face masks and nail polishes <3
                                                                          Xo, Denise

Monday, October 22, 2012

October Faves

The month of October is almost over, so here are my October favorites I've been loving!

 Organix Nourishing Coconut milk, anti-breakge serum $6.99
I've been using this for almost 3 months and been noticing my hair looking and feeling more silky. Also more healthy without being too oily. I use this on damp hair after I shower, concentrating on my dry ends and putting the rest throughout my hair like a comb with my fingers. I definitely see a notice in repairing my dry ends. This is a great serum for such a good price! Smells like coconut too. Got this at Target.

Not your Mother's, beat the heat thermal shield spray $5.99
I've been needing a thermal heat spray since I always curl and straighten my hair. Found this at CVS, not anywhere else. Its a really good price and I feel like it does protect my hair from the heat. I just spritz it on before I use any hot tools. You can use it on damp or dry hair. Try not too put too much, it can be too sticky. Spray it out evenly and I love that is had sunflower oil and Vitamin A &E. Prevents frizz and not too oily. 

Revlon nail enamel in Vixen $4.99
Revlon nail polish were on sale at CVS. So it was $2.99 for me but originally $4.99. They have great sales throughout the week at CVS! I love this color for fall, its not too red. It looks like a dark plum red and its not too dark that makes it look black! Good thing about this is that you only need one coat and a clear top coat and your good too go.

Wet and Wild trio eye shadow palette in Silent Treatment $2.99
Everyone has been raving about these eye shadows and the hype seems to be so true! So glad I finally tried one of these shadows. They are so pigmented and easy to blend. I got silent treatment which has a peach cream shimmer color, dark brown thats lightly shimmered, and a lavender/taupe color. I've been using this everyday for school with black cream gel liner. Only for $3, I want to get comfort zone and walking on eggshells next! 

Lioele BB cream, Beyond the solution  30 ml $12.00
I've had my share of BB creams, and this Asian BB cream is way better than Maybellines BB cream. Unlike Maybellines BB cream, this has fuller coverage. It also matches my skin tone very well once it sets in. It hides my blemishes well and does not get too oily. Also very moisturizing, I use this for school everyday as well. The best BB cream I ever tried was Dr. Jarts Water Fuse BB cream but its way too expensive for me. So with this I can settle and still get better results than the drugstore ones. You can find this on or other Asian cosmetic sites! 

Xo, Denise

Sunday, October 21, 2012

MAC and Bath & Body Works Haul

Here's my haul from the past week, I also have some pictures from this weekend when I wore one of the MAC lipsticks I purchased.


I got the leaves and pumpkin cupcake candle awhile ago and been loving them! I usually get the really mini sized candles because I get sick of scents easily and always feel like changing them up after a few weeks. So I feel like there's no need for me to buy the big ones anymore, I never finish them!

The candles I got were Frosted cranberry, Cider lane, and Tis the season! My new favorite out of these is Cider lane!! It smells exactly like caramel apple cider with a hint of cinnamon. When I burn it, it smells like my mom is baking a apple pie but I can also smell the caramel really well which is so delicious. My 2nd new favorite is Tis the season because it reminds me of Christmas so much because it smells like a Christmas tree! It's right around the corner, I might start burning that at the end of November. Frosted cranberry, a sales associate recommended it to me and I wanted to get this also. It also reminds me of Christmas too because it smells like cranberries along with other fruits. I was stuck with choosing Tis the season and this. I was getting Cider lane for sure but then the sales associate told me that it was on sale for $1.75! So she said I should get one more since the regular priced ones are 2 for $5, so I was happy I was able to get both Christmas ones too. The fall candles are on sale right now, half off. So get them when you can because they just started bringing out the winter ones.

 I also got this mini lotion of sweet cinnamon pumpkin. It smells really nice but cannot really smell the pumpkin scent that well. I love anything pumpkin because I love pumpkin pie so yummy, so was kinda let down by that. I was in a hurry so just bought it but my reccomendation for a real pumpkin scent is the body butter by Shea Terra called gingered pumpkin. Their body butters are too die for, extremely hydrating! I have the Banana one right now and I love it, it makes me want to eat it off my hand haha. I ran out of the pumpkin one, planning to get it soon.


This one is Viva Glam I, its been out for awhile so nothing new but I was never able to get it. It's out right now for the Marilyn Monroe collection. It is also a matte lipstick. I really needed a dark red for Fall season so this was great, especially for nights out with your girlfriends. It kind of gives this vampy look, lol. I also have pale skin so I felt really vampy. 

The other lipstick I got is a creme sheen and is called, Ravishing. I love this lipstick because it goes really well with my skin tone. Its not really a Fall color but I've been wanting this lipstick since I heard it compliments yellow under toned skin very well. This is a color I can wear everyday or for casual days. It gives you a natural coral color and can match with anything! I can post a picture of me wearing it soon. 

Hope you guys enjoyed :) Xo, Denise

Birthday Gifts!

Hey gals, I wanted to quickly share my birthday presents with you all since I haven't yet.

My boyfriend spoiled me with a Tiffany's necklace and its perfect for me since my favorite color is turquoise and the heart is turquoise! And he said he wanted to make it special since a lot of girls have this necklace so he engraved "I love you" in the silver heart. I thought that was sweet. He also purchased two things for me from and I was surprised because he picked these out himself and they are totally my style. The nude heel slingbacks have a pretty bow on them and the bag is a nude color as well. I love it because I use it for school too, it fits my notebooks! Knowing me I love nude compared to typical black and I have so much black heels. 

The other amazing present I got is this Kate Spade cross body bag given by my mom! It is nude as well and has a black patent bow on the front. Its so classy and cute, its also the perfect size! I think it retails for $200.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall back to school shopping

Here are my recent purchases for Fall season/school.

Sweater with a leaf like pattern (Marshalls, $14.99) planning to wear this over a collared shirt, it would be cute! Also got some jeggings with zipper detail on the bottom (Nordstrom rack, 11.99). Dark grey knee high socks (Nordstrom rack, $5.99) perfect for boots! Crochet shorts (Marshalls, $12.99) I can pair with many things. Got the leaves candle from bath and body works, I'm so addicted to this candle, even got a owl scent for my car that has leaves in it too <3 Smells so good! I'm also so obsessed with owls right now! Be prepared to see a lot of owl related things haha. There are a lot of great deals at Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack, two of my fave stores to shop for less.

Also been looking for a back pack since I have to carry so much books this semester! Saw this online at Victoria's secret ($44.50). So I went to the store and saw this neon coral one that I liked the most. In the picture it looks more pink but its coral. They also have floral patterned ones, that I wanted but they sold out. You can find them online still. It has a lot of pockets which I love and its made out of canvas, very sturdy. I can put my Iphone and keys on the side pockets, you can even fit a small water bottle or thermos!

Last thing I splurged on was this Marc Jacobs rose gold watch (Style: Amy crystal, $200). Had my eye on this for so long, finally was able to buy it with my birthday money! I love rose gold and its so girly because of the crystals. It goes with a lot of arm candy.