Saturday, October 20, 2012

Benefit Kits Review

So I got these two kits almost two months ago and been loving them. They are great to travel with and have such cute boxes!

First one is the How to Look the Best at Everything kit in light. It comes with a small tube of foundation in the color champagne which I use whenever I want more coverage than a BB cream. It matches my skin pretty well and is medium to full coverage. I have some acne marks so it does cover them. It last for 8 hours for me and does not get too oily. I would buy the full size after I try the Tarte foundation and see if thats better. The concealer it comes with I have to say is amazing, I use it everyday for my under my eyes and for some blemishes. It really does take redness away and makes my eyes seem more awake. It also comes with a considerable amount compared to the foundation. I use the powder it comes with over the foundation and it decreases the oiliness on my face throughout the day. It also does not look too cakey and it lasts. The thing I love about the foundation and powder is that it has SPF. Foundation had 25 and powder has 15. The porefessional is also a great product, it is very lightweight and absorbs very fast. I have big pores so this does the job for me. It makes my skin appear a lot smoother.

Next, is the Tropicoral kit and it comes with cheek tint, highlighter, blush, and lipgloss. First off the coralista lip gloss smells so good, can't stop smelling it! It smells like a delicious tropical fruit. I love the color as well it is not too translucent, it gives off a bit of a coral color. It is very moisturizing and not too sticky. The cha cha tint looks so good under the lipgloss. Make your lips look more coral like but not oo bright. The high beam is what I've been wanting to try! It has become very popular and I know why, it gives off a very shimmery, frost like highlight. I have very fair skin so it just brightens it up. I love the coralista blush, it is not too pigmented, so you can build the color and it gives a subtle coral flush on my face, not so harsh. 

Here are also the swatches from the Tropicoral kit, top left: cha cha tint, top right: high beam, low left coralista blush, lower right coralista ligloss.

Here is a picture of me wearing all the products mentioned. Coral top to match lol. :)

Overall, I would only buy these in kits because they are much more affordable. They can be overpriced if I bought them alone. But if I wanted to repurchase these items they would be the lip gloss and the foundation. The lip gloss is because I love it so much and I know I would run out compared to the tint and highlighter. The blush is not as noticeable in pictures which I like to show in pictures but it is nice for an everyday blush. I would get the foundation because it works great and it only comes in a small amount but the concealer, porefessional, and powder would be too pricey for me. I only spend a lot on foundation, because thats the most important make-up product to me. If you cant get the kits and can afford these products I would recommend them because they are all amazing.



  1. the coralista blush is very pretty and i agree that it is a good everyday color. i love buying benefit's sets too since they're reasonable priced. my favorite items from benefit would have to be their high beam and erase paste! :) great review.

  2. Thanks! I love high beam too, but I would not spend money to buy the full size, I feel like this amount wont even run out for me! haha I dont use highlighter often only when I go out. Benefits sets are always a great deal :) Following you.

    1. yes the sample size is a really good size! i have several of them so i haven't bought the full size yet :D haha thank you! i'm following you too :)

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    3. Omg sorry I'm such a newbie! lol how can I display that button?

    4. I think I fixed it now, thanks for letting me know btw!

  3. i love it! :D followed you back! thanks girl! :D Take care