Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall back to school shopping

Here are my recent purchases for Fall season/school.

Sweater with a leaf like pattern (Marshalls, $14.99) planning to wear this over a collared shirt, it would be cute! Also got some jeggings with zipper detail on the bottom (Nordstrom rack, 11.99). Dark grey knee high socks (Nordstrom rack, $5.99) perfect for boots! Crochet shorts (Marshalls, $12.99) I can pair with many things. Got the leaves candle from bath and body works, I'm so addicted to this candle, even got a owl scent for my car that has leaves in it too <3 Smells so good! I'm also so obsessed with owls right now! Be prepared to see a lot of owl related things haha. There are a lot of great deals at Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack, two of my fave stores to shop for less.

Also been looking for a back pack since I have to carry so much books this semester! Saw this online at Victoria's secret ($44.50). So I went to the store and saw this neon coral one that I liked the most. In the picture it looks more pink but its coral. They also have floral patterned ones, that I wanted but they sold out. You can find them online still. It has a lot of pockets which I love and its made out of canvas, very sturdy. I can put my Iphone and keys on the side pockets, you can even fit a small water bottle or thermos!

Last thing I splurged on was this Marc Jacobs rose gold watch (Style: Amy crystal, $200). Had my eye on this for so long, finally was able to buy it with my birthday money! I love rose gold and its so girly because of the crystals. It goes with a lot of arm candy.



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  2. I love your watch!

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