Monday, November 5, 2012

Owl love you...forever

Hello dears! Just wanted to share an owl haul my mom got for me. She is the sweetest & most generous person I know, she surprised this for me yesterday. She knows I've been working hard with nursing school and she knows I adore owls! Owls are the cutest things next to pandas my all time favorite. Owls have a very autumn/fall feeling. They also remind me of Harry Potter which I love. She got the pjs from Nordstrom and the rest from, Francesca's a gift store if anyone is interested :) I will put some links below.

Owl pajamas! By PJ Salvage, these pjs are pretty expensive but is really great quality. It's 100% flannel, I get too hot in fleece pjs. This will make you feel warm but not too hot that you cant use a blanket. Great for winter nights. She got me an XS because they run really big. This seems so comfy and cozy, these next few weeks are going to be chilly so I needed new pjs. I don't have some like this yet, so can't wait to wear them when its super cold.

Owl clutch, it has some silver glitter on it which makes it look more fancy yet very adorable with the little owls! So cute to bring around when you're on the go. It can fit your phone, small wallet, keys, and any make-up you will need.

This owl dish is a cute and artsy piece to hold earrings, rings, and even good for bobby pins! I always lose my bobby pins so now I can just place them here where its easy to reach and see. Nice addition to your vanity, to add a little character.

Adorable key cap for your keys! Sometimes I get confused with my keys because they all look the same, this will make it easier to find.

You can check out the Francesca's website here, there have tons of other owl related things! 

Owl see you guys next time!

Xo, Denise Anne


  1. Aw, cute owl jammies<3 & I love Francesca's~ So glad I have one near me ^.^


    1. Thanks, I love owls! Thats awesome, its such a nice/cute store! Luck you :)

  2. Haha cute! We gave one of my friends the nickname 'Owl' because her eyes are big and she likes to stay up late watching drama :P Followed back !

    1. Lol, good one! I stay up watching shows too haha. Thanks hun! Xo

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    I found your blog through the brightside beauty blog hop and i am liking your blog! keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for the comment :) I'll definitely follow back! I noticed your from SF. I'm visiting there for a vacation just for two days though, any must see / must eat / must shop places in San fran?

    btw very cute owl attire!


    1. Thanks girl! Yea theres a lot of places :) Make sure you go to union square/powell street for lots of shopping! Theres also pier 39 and fishermans wharf that you can visit for fun. For lunch you can go to Lous cafe or Ike' place for really good sandwiches! Theres also more restaurants at pier 39 and for desert Anthony's cookies has the best chocolate chip cookies!

  5. awww! everything's so cute! love the owls!

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    1. Thanks, following you hun :) I love cute things!

  7. Cute haul! I love owls too I think they're adorable.
    The owl clutch is so pretty! <3

  8. Awww your mom is so sweet. :)

    The owl pj is the cutest!

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  10. Aww, too too cute! I think you're the first person I've heard of that really likes owls. But that's really sweet of your mom to get you all of these. Who knew there could be so many kinds of own items!


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  12. just dropped by your blog for the first time and this first post i see is the cutest thing ever :)
    sounds like you have a lovely mom - the owl clutch is really adorable!

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  16. i adore owels! cool kee cover

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  17. Your mum is so sweet. :D Owls are so cute~
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