Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Face Shop Green Tea cleanser & White Mud nose pack review

These products were a big hit for me! I'll start off with the The Face Shop's Green Tea foaming cleanser. It has green tea powder as one of the main ingredients and it is known to make your sign brighter and clearer being full of antioxidants.

 It looks like a white pearly formula as I put it on my skin but as I massage it all over my face it starts to look like this and I can't explain how good it feels on my skin! It smells so amazing, I'm thinking about purchasing the green tea hand cream next. It is not too thick or oily at all, and not too foamy as you can see. It seems like the perfect texture for your skin and it does the job! After I wash it off my face, my face feels so smooth and clean. It really makes my skin feel so soft, like a baby's skin! I love how it does remove my make-up residue as well, my skin felt so squeaky clean afterwards. This is meant to be a daily mild face wash, so its good to use night and day everyday. It was not too harsh on my skin after a week of using, I also noticed my skin to appear a lot more brighter. This is very good for combination skin, it removes excess oil but does not make your skin dry at the same time. It actually makes your skin softer and smooth. I would recommend wiping your make-up off with a make-up wipe then use this wash, to ensure all the make-up is off your face. Then finish it off with a toner of your choice. I will review my toner next time! The only con is that this face wash can be pricey, $15 but it is big enough to last me 3 months.

The first is the face wash (pearly formula), the one on bottom is the white mud (white paste formula)

After trying this, I prefer it more than the ever so popular pore nose strips! This works 10 times better because it gets every part of your nose and sticks very well to your skin. You have to put a really thick layer on your nose. I waited for about 12 min until I decided to peel it off. I was so amazed by the results, usually with the strips, I do not see much blackheads or white heads come out. I noticed with this, there was a lot more taken off, I was even able to see the tiny white head looking hairs from my nose! It felt like it took out everything! I even saw a few black heads, I NEVER see my blackheads come out with the pore strips. For $7 this is worth a try. I will never go back to the pore strips and planning to use this 2-3 times a month! The only thing I would warn you about is that the formula dries really fast on your nose, so you have to get a really thick amount and spread it on your nose pretty quickly. But even if you feel like you don't have enough product on your nose you can just apply it on top of what dried to add on but I recommend just getting a lot at once and spreading it fast. 

Xo, Denise


  1. I would def try this out! thanks for this one. Btw, would you like to follow each other on gfc? let me know.

    (Jabberjays In My Little Haven)

  2. it sounds pretty similiar to the black peel off mask thingy. that stuff works awesome! but it's so expensive T__T maybe i'll give this one a try instead after i'm done with the black mask!

    1. Yea you definitely should, it is pretty inexpensive! :)

  3. This sounds really good! Now I'm trying to figure out how to get this in Australia :P

  4. The Nose Pack sounds interesting! We have Face Shop branches here in the Philippines but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen that one before. Or maybe I just missed it.. I'll have to make sure on my next visit to the mall!

    By the way, I'm a new follower of yours. Let's support each other! :)